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Original Shape Magic 1 Tutorial

Part 1: Using Shape Magic - Side View
Part 2: Using Shape Magic - Top View, Create, Save
Part 3: UV Mapping
Part 4: Importing into Bryce
Part 5: Importing into Poser

Part 3: UV Mapping

Note: Shape Magic 2 can now add UV coordinates. Check the box labeled "UV Mapped"at the bottom of the Save tab. Part 3 is no longer needed unless the relative addressing mode is an issue for your 3D program.

Shape Magic uses relative addressing to define the model. Some older 3D programs (like Bryce 3D and Amorphium) do not support this method. You can use UVMapper to convert the model from relative to absolute referencing.

Creating your Shape Magic model using the Poser button will add UV coordinates. This allows you to add textures in Poser. You can use UVMapper  to create a different style of mapping which may better suit your needs. UV mapping is not needed for Bryce 4/5 and Vue unless you want to create and use a picture map.


You can also save the texture map (see image 3) to use in a paint program to create
textures for your model.

Part 4: Importing into Bryce

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