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The Basics - Opening a .SMG File

When you save a Shape Magic model, you also save a .smg file. The .smg file is a text file that contains design information. You can use that information to recreate a design you previously made or that someone else made. You can also use the information as a template to help you make derivative designs based on an existing model. Here are some .smg files you can use.

To get started, click on the Open File tab (1) at the top of the screen. When you go to the Open File page, the folder contents will be updated. The filter is preset to show only .smg files. If your directory is large, the folder contents (2) may take a while to be refreshed,. If it is too slow for you, hit the Esc key to cancel updating the folder contents.

Near the bottom left is a text box with the words "Enter .smg File Name" above it (3). This is where you type in the name of the file you want to open (.smg file, not .obj file).

If you click the Open button (4), the design will be recreated as you go to each page (Side View, Top View and Create File) in turn.

If you click on the "Open as Template" button (5 above), the design appears as background lines that can be used as a design guide. When you go to the Side View and Top View pages, click on the check Show Template box (A below) near the lower right to see the template. The template will show as light yellow lines behind the black lines of the current model. See Using a Template for more information.

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